Why Vatac
Vatac is a dynamic & leading valve manufacturer delivering innovative solutions to customers in engineering industries. Vatac today has established itself as one of the leading active player in the valves industry.
Supplying Capabilities
Vatac is proud to announce a broad line of industrial Valves & Fittings, Vatac’s capability is not only limited to the designing and manufacturing of those standard items, but also focus on the most special and severe services items
Quality Philosophy and Commitment
Vatac ensures that the valves manufactured complying with the most sophisticated technical and contractual requirements by coordinating and optimizing control, in-process inspections and examinations through the final test
Your Reliable Engineering Partner
Vatac converts industry knowledge and market insight into design-engineered Solutions, which creates competitive advantage for our customers, We call this engineering advantage!


Vatac always places the product quality and customers' needs on the utmost position and strives to better serve for our valued customers. We conform to the latest standards and emphasize on managerial, technical and technological innovation. With an extensive network of sales, service and distribution, Vatac can respond to customers' requests faster and more efficiently, offers...

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